ls_script.lq fallback
  • I have set up a basic music rotation fallback that plays when there is no scheduled program in airtime. The relevant code is here:

    id = mksafe(playlist(mode="random", reload=5400, reload_mode="watch", "/srv/id"))
    lc = mksafe(playlist(mode="randomize", reload=3600, reload_mode="watch", "/srv/local"))
    as = mksafe(playlist(mode="randomize", reload=3600, reload_mode="watch", "/srv/ascap"))
    pr = mksafe(playlist(mode="randomize", reload=5400, reload_mode="watch", "/srv/promos"))
    an = mksafe(playlist(mode="random", reload=5400, reload_mode="watch", "/srv/announce"))

    mu = rotate(weights=[2,1],[as,lc])
    default = rotate(weights=[1,6,1,6,1,6],[id,mu,pr,mu,an,mu])

    Basically, the idea here is after 6 songs it plays random announcement, station id, or promo. For the most part, this works as expected. However, there are 3 problems I can't seem to figure out how to solve.

    1. Fallback false positives:
    when I have 2 files in the same slot of a scheduled program, it will fall back to music for about 1 second then go to next scheduled file. I would assume the fallback fires off if there is no show detected between these 2 files. How do I decrease the sensitivity or increase the amount of off-air time before my fallback is fired off?

    2. No fade to and from fallback
    no matter what I do I can't seem to figure out how to get a working crossfade to and from the scheduled program.