Feature Request: add playlist to playlist
  • that should be easy to implement: when I make a large playlist, I want to add smaller playlists to it. It would make our lives easier. Airtime should simply add the tracks that are contained in the smaller playlist.
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  • I think Libretime already does this (Open Source Airtime Pro).
    Or you could write it yourself as it is open source. There appear to be no 'official' open source updates in years here.
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  • This functionality isn't in LibreTime yet. I think it might be a good idea to add it. The only trick which is why I assume they didn't code it in the first place is infinite recursion. Playlists including another playlist that includes that playlist until......

    So yeah it doesn't exist yet even at LibreTime land. But do check out LibreTime if you want to participate in an open-source project that originated via this forum.