Shows are suddenly empty
  • I have a series of three 24-hour shows running, each of them containing one long playlist. The shows repeat, and that worked fine for about 6 weeks, but suddenly the radio is offline ... because the shows are suddenly empty of content. How can that happen? I hadn't interfered with Airtime for weeks. Doesn't that assignment "playlist (200+ tracks) to show" simply consist of a database table with entries?

    So far I also was not successful putting the content back in - assigning a 24 hour playlist to a one-day show (that's how I used to do it) takes forever, the Airplay screen grays out and nothing happens. My server is slow but ... isn't that simply a database INSERT of a few hundred playlist tracks into a show table? how can that take so long?

    Later: a playlist disappeared completely by itself. WTF ??  this thing still seems to be buggy as hell.

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  • Thanks a lot.