Live in the air.
  • I am a new user. I'm not sure whether this question was raised .. Sorry if it's repetitive and silly. I do the schedule program 24 hours in advance and it will be good. How to make a message break the scheduled program. And also can do a live interactive program?
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  • Live-interactive is easy - it is a feature
    Message breaks are harder.. I personally just schedule them into the show,
    You could use Icecast to insert them (quite hard)

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    To make a live interactive program you can simply connect with a live streaming client. Message breaks are not currently supported especially with the way Airtime handles scheduling. With the LibreTime fork you can have programs automatically schedule playlists and using smartblocks you can easily update the "message" that will be inserted in between programs scheduling. For more info on LibreTime (the airtime fork goto
  • Something i made long time ago but still using it today (havent had the time to continue but.. it works)
    So if you are familiar with some coding here you go (its a mess i know... i dont even know what i have really done back then at this point)

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    Hey Stathis there has been renewed discussion of implementing the functionality you wrote in LibreTime. - We aren't going to commit your code because part of the C4 community guidelines requires any code commits to come from the original contributor so perhaps you might want to contribute or at least join in the discussion. We are also setting up a forum for LibreTime so once that is established you are welcome over there as well.