Input stream does not work on Airtime 2.5.1 on Ubuntu 14.04 (repository install)
  • I recently installed Airtime 2.5.1 on ubuntu trusty LTS using the apt repository. Everything works well except the input stream.

    When I am trying to connect m3w or 
    mixxx  to live stream it doesn't let me connect.

    m3w says "Wrong Authentication Data" and mixxx says "
    Please check your connection to the Internet and verify that your username and password are correct."

    I have configured the input stream as below and feed the same configuration into the streaming clients.

    Switch Transition Fade (s) : 00.500000
    Master Username :  source
    Master Password : xxx
    Master Source Port : 8090
    Master Source Mount Point : master
    Master Source Connection URL:
    Show Source Port : 9000
    Show Source Mount Point : show
    Show Source Connection URL:

    I went through the solution discussed in the following article but in my ls_script there is no call for

    This is what printed on the ls_script.log

    2017/08/08 22:31:05 [server:3] New client: localhost.
    2017/08/08 22:31:05 [server:3] Client localhost disconnected.
    2017/08/08 22:31:07 [lang:3] master connected

    It says it's connected but giving password invalid. I also tried BUTT 1.12, 1.13 and 1.5 after many threads in the forum.

    Can somebody help me to fix this authentication issue?

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  • I finally figured out the issue. It was the characters of the password. Any password that we set in the airtime panel is accepted but when we try to authenticate with a password with special characters it fails.

    This doesn't work -> iO!YQ^2k!5*L#pff2m8O
    This works -> pff2m8O

    Hope this will help somebody.