streaming delay increase day after day
  • Hi everyone,
    I'm experiencing a strange behaviour on my airtime 2.5.1 streaming machine (on a debian server )
    I've already set up the ntp server with the correct time zone.
    The ntp server is started an is running.
    But day after day a delay appears and increase between the song title displayed on the airtime interface and the streamed sound (even if we ear it from the airtime interface).
    After 1 month the delay is about 1minute.
    If I reboot the whole debian server the delay desappear and come back day after day.
    Some help would be really appreciate. Can someone help me to solve that problem please ?
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  • Did you also check update system clock from hardware clock?
    This is not an Airtime problem. Ask your hosting support.
    No longer using Airtime or Libretime.
  • Thank you for your reply. I find the problem. My radio broadcasts 24/24, I programmed a minute of nothing. After this minute the stream and the titles are again synchro