which stream player for websites?
  • I want to put a player for my Airtime station on our homepage. But which one? Of course it should display metadata (artist - track title). So far, I couldn't find a single one that does that. The Sourcefabric help files recommend jPlayer but jPlayer says that jPlayer does not have access to your server's metadata.

    And what's up with the Airtime player widget?

    "The new player widget can be found inside your Airtime station under SYSTEM -> Player."

    No, there is no "Player" under "System".


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  • That is from the WRONG manual unless you are paying for Airtime Pro. You need the other manual.
    You really do need to sit down and read the (correct) manual. Every question you asked so far is answered in it.
    There is player code and schedule display widgets for your website in the docs. Please read them. This is getting tedious.
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  • ah sorry, I wasn't even aware there were different manuals.

    I didn't install the Airtime server myself so I didn't even know there were several versions.
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