Repeat shows with content? (SOLVED)
  • Ok, I was shown that there is a LINK checkbox. It works now!

    My station will do nothing but repeat roughly 40 hours of music in random order.

    For this, I made three 24-hour-playlists - each track will be played about two times in these three playlists.

    I now want to set up three shows that would repeat each day. Show 1 would contain playlist 1, show 2 contains playlist 2, and so forth.

    It appears now that while I can create a 24h show and set it to repeat without end, the repeat doesn't take the content with it. Only the original has the content. The repeated copies of the shows don't have content.

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  • I would make three smartbocks with dynamic content and rules and put these into shows with repeating content. Each show will have a different order and can have no repeats, and RTFM ;)
    That will work.
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