Playlists disappear
  • Today I uploaded more than 600 mp3 files (roughly 38 hours of music) to my new Airtime server. They are organized in albums = playlists, so I uploaded an album at a time and created a playlist for the new tracks of each album. At the end I had 41 albums, or playlists. I want to basically play all these tracks in random order on repeat, all the time. I know there is a 24 hour limit for shows.
    So I tried to create a 24 hour show, adding roughly half of the playlists until I had almost exactly 24 hours. I added repeats, every Saturday, repeat type = weekly and without end, and updated the show. At first I specified Saturday 00:00 to Sunday 00:00 as this is 24 hours but updating that didn't finish for some reason, so I went into edit mode again and changed it to Saturday 00:00 until Saturday 23:59. That seemed to work.
    Then when I started to create another show with all the playlists that aren't part of the first show, I noticed that the 41 playlists I used to have are now reduced to 25.
    The files are still there, it seems that the playlists that I have added to the first show have all disappeared. The files from these playlists are assigned to that show though.
    Did I do a mistake or is that a bug? or even a feature?


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  • ok, I added the missing playlists and hope this won't happen again