How to install along with Superdesk?
  • How to install Superdesk Web Publisher, along with Superdesk, so it appears on the backend as "Web Site Management" option? (as in this sc screen)
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  • Hi Nalyk,

    in order to see Web Site Management (lately it has been renamed to "Publisher") menu item, you need to install Superdesk from sdsite branch ( 

    Once it will be installed, this menu item will be available for you automatically.

    For now we keep it in a separate branch that's why it is not available in master branch.
  • Hello again, and thank you for your quick reply.

    I did a fresh install of Superdesk (sdsite branch) on I did not make any config changes, but I already have some errors on main.log. Is it a warning or a config error? Could you please tell me if I can move forward with configuration?

    Thank you.

    Attached you have a fragment from main.log
  • I can not add a site into the Publisher section of Superdesk, i press on save and nothing happens, still i have no hint on the error on main.log.


  • From the console, i see that Superdesk is trying to access localhost, allthoug i have these settings in superdesk.config.js:

            publisher: {
                protocol: 'http',
                tenant: 'beta',
                domain: '',
                base: 'api/v1'

  • Hi,

    it can be installed on different servers, it doesn't matter.

    On the Superdesk side:

    1. log in to Superdesk
    2. check via Chrome console what command window.superdeskConfig.publisher is returning
    In your case it should be: 

    1. base:"api/v1"
    2. domain:""
    3. protocol:"https" // or http if you run on http
    4. tenant:"beta"
    6. You can set those values here:, once it is set you need to install superdesk with those vars so it can build.

     You can also set PUBLISHER_API_SUBDOMAIN env var set to "beta" and PUBLISHER_API_DOMAIN env var set to "" while deploying/installing Superdesk so it will automatically set proper env vars for you without a need to change the above config.

    On the Publisher side (assuming you already have it installed): 

    1. Run command php app/console swp:organization:create Unimedia

    This command will create a a proper organization if you didn't create it.

    2. Run command php app/console swp:tenant:create <organization_code_generated_by_the_above_command> Unimedia beta

    This command will create a a proper tenant if you didn't create it.

    3. You can install theme and its assets see: I saw you already did that.
    So this is what should be done in order to connect Superdesk with Publisher so it can work together properly.
  • Rafał,

    Thank you again for your time.

    Following Superdesk Web Publisher local installation I got an error on:
    php app/console doctrine:migrations:migrate

    But as I understand, those are duplicated values that are already present in the database.

    Next, I created the Organization and the tenant as you specified.

    Then I executed:

    php app/console swp:theme:install <tenant> src/SWP/Bundle/FixturesBundle/Resources/themes/DefaultTheme/ -f

    I replaced <tenant> with the tenant code, generated in the previous step.

    Finally, I executed:
    php app/console sylius:theme:assets:install

    The site gives me an Error 500 with the following output on error.log

    2017/07/05 12:19:19 [error] 4565#0: *2858 FastCGI sent in stderr: "PHP message: PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Twig_Error_Loader: Unable to find template "index.html.twig" (looked into: /var/www/, /var/www/, /var/www/ in /var/www/

    P.S.: As for the Superdesk configuration - it all went well after I made the config (and rebuild - I never did rebuild after reconfiguring) for the client side. Although in the console I get some cors error:
    In parameters.yml for SWP, the setting is:
    allow_origin_cors: ''
  • Looks like the theme name is not set for current tenant (probably a bug let me know pls). Check in swp_tenant table if the tenant has swp/default-theme (this name is from theme.jsonset in theme_name column.

    allow_origin_cors param to '*' and remove cache folder: rm -rf /var/www/*
  • You were right: there was no value for the theme_name for the tenant in the swp_tenant table. I did the change on the table (added: swp/default-theme). Now it loads, but i guess there is something wrong with the assets (style.css and all.js).

    Loaded layout (

    Here is a screen from console:

    P.S.: Unfortunately the allow_origin_cors setting does nothing, as I get the same error:

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  • For assets run command php app/console sylius:theme:assets:install it should do the trick. To be sure run rm -rf /var/www/*

    For cors issue, have you changed in it /var/www/

    Please, check also var/www/ file if there are any issues with /auth/superdesk endpoint
  • I did it step by step:


    I have the same type/set of errors.

    As for prod.log - the only issue with /auth/superdesk endpoint is a "Method not allowed" error:
    No route found for \"GET /api/v1/auth/superdesk/\
  • For the assets, it is a template "error" (although it is more like a misconfiguration). The answer is here:

    Is still got auth issues and origin cors issues as i wrote above, so i still can not "bind" Superdesk with Superdesk Publisher

  • Ok about the issue with auth endpoint. What is the value set in parameters.yml for superdesk_servers param? Could be that the wrong host is set here - it should point to Superdesk API
  • Rafał, I had a productive morning :) The issue with auth endpoint was because there was not a role set for the user (my user, might be a bug). I created a role and assigned it to me and now everything is fine.

    I managed to solve CORS problem with the help of Nginx configuration, adding the needed header there.


    Now the saga is to bring the menu I created in the Superdesk to the default theme. I browsed through the templating documentation and sadly I did not found much info.


    Your help is really priceless. Thank you.


    I copied and replaced the menu invocation tag from the theme-dailyNews and placed it in the base.html.twig -> Now I see the menu.

    I still did not manage to bypass the auth issues. On the SWP site, i get this error in the console:

    Might it be related?

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    This auth issue is known theme bug, we will fix it soon.