strange liquidsoap issue in Ubunto 14
  • I am having a strange issue..

    At boot time, liquidsoap throws an error 111..

    However, when I check from airtime-check-system, everything looks fine, and I can start and stop the service and everything looks fine still...



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    definitely related to  virtual host  not corresponding with the services you have running.

    step 1. make sure you are using mp3 or AAC as your Stream type
    Then check all  of these

    So in my early days ,I get this problem whenever , I change the /etc/host

    this is because debian variants are long change this file and actually to have our dns resolve need                        localhost                        <your hostname>
    <Your Machine IP>          <your domainname>
     <Your EXT. IP>             <your domainname>

    <your host> is the same as <your hostname>.local
    if you do not have dns will never resolved when the machine is offline.This is the loopback interface

    You also need to put the local machine interface  to resol

    This problem has frustrated me that I have had to re-install

    in todays world of firewall and routers ,you honestly do not have to change the etc for most applications and if you do want to change the /etc/host do it before  and test dns before you install the Application.

    Remember Airtime like its own dedicated machine

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