Live Show Recording – Introducing Accio Audio
  • I've created a simple web application for automating the recording of live radio broadcasts.


    It works like this:
    1. Add a station.
    2. The schedule is monitored for live shows.
    3. While live shows air the audio stream is recorded.
    4. Afterwards post-recording actions are triggered & the recording is available for download.

    I made it for a friend who is starting an Airtime Pro station and needs this functionality, but realised others may find it useful as well.

    I'd be especially interested in testing a self-hosted Airtime (non-pro) station.

    Current features:
    • Direct upload to Airtime Pro tracks after recording.
    • Free until payments are implemented.
    • Configure start and end recording offsets.

    Feel free to sign up and give it a try. I'd be eager to hear anyone's thoughts.
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