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Embed code Liveblog not available
  • I have installed Liveblog on two different, clean, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server installations and on both installation I've the same issue. Liveblog is running, I'm able to make new users, add new liveblogs, post items to the blogs, however, I can not embed a blog in my website.

    The box showing the embed code remains empty. There is no code and clicking on the link icon brings me back to the liveblog admin page.

    Any suggestions?

    (installed with this commandline: curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/superdesk/fireq/master/files/liveblog/install | sudo bash)
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    It needs AMAZON settings

    Please fill them in /etc/liveblog.sh

    and then run
    $ supervisorctl restart all
  • Thx, I'll give it a try and let you know.
  • Well, that will not work for me. To make an Amazon AWS account I do need an credit card, which I don't have. Or have I just not found the right way to make an account... I don't know.

    Is there an alternative to make Liveblog work on a local machine? (i.e without Amazon services)