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liveblog and superdesk in-one
  • hi,

    i just wanted to try superdesk and liveblog. i use the liveblog-3.0.9 release for that.
    what i dont understand is, liveblog pulls superdesk from the fork github.com/liveblog/superdesk  .
    but the newest superdesk release is 1.0-rc2.
    why is there a fork?
    when i want to install all, so do i need both superdesks? or is the liveblog superdesk fork 
    sufficient to use all superdesk features?
    do i gain a better integration for liveblog on the release superdesk instance?

    thanks! shivno
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  • Hi Shivno,

    Currently, Liveblog uses Superdesk as a dependency, and as you've seen at the moment it uses an older Superdesk version (the one in the fork). We don't have a proper integration between Liveblog and Superdesk at this very moment, unfortunately. There are some plans to get to it but other priorities have popped up to change our roadmap and we've had to push the integration to a future time.

  • could you add this to the liveblog FAQ? would be great for everyone which would like to deploy superdesk and liveblog.