Regarding FTP Destination Configuration for Subscriber
  • I'm able to get the two formats(NINJS and Email) of output as Delivery type of Email.
    but i was failed to get NewsML format here is my Subscriber Configuration to get published output.

    Format : NewsML G2
    Delivery Type : FTP
    Username : <username>
    Password : <Password>
    Path : /NewsML (i.e Folder name in that FTP server)
    Local Path : /NewsML

    But I'm not getting any NewsML file as the Output in my server folder(/NewsML).
    Can any one help in this issue. Thanks In advance.

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  • Hi Sainadh,

    Are you successfully delivering ninjs via FTP with a similar configuration than the one for the NewsML-G2 output? If your FTP settings are correct yet you don't get any files in NewsML-G2, please make sure the ftp folder has the right permissions (i.e. Superdesk can actually create new files in it).

    We will test the case in the meantime and get back here with any info.


  • Hai Holman,
        Thanks you for your response.
    1) NINJS is working fine with the same configuration of FTP. but I'm not getting NewsML-G2 with that same FTP configuration.
    2) i won't think its permission issue. why because i'm delivering NINJS via FTP. however i'll check permissions. and get back to you.
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