How can I extract audio from Music Video?
  • Recently, I need to get the audio only from a iTunes music video. Because I want to add it to my family video as the background music. I tried some free video converter but I failed to do that. Google recommend me a method to extract audio from iTunes music video. Can I do that? Is it legal?
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  • From your post, I guess that you have already know iTunes music video are encrypted with DRM technology, which is created by Apple to avoid unlicensed sharing. Besides, if you want to extract audio from iTunes music videos, you should remove DRM firstly. However, in some countries, removing DRM is illegal. So before you do this, make sure that you have right and you use it for personal use. Then as for the tool to extract audio from iTunes music videos, I'm using DRM media converter, which can be purchased at up to 50% discount from its Christmas deals now. Hope it's helpful for you. 
  • iTunes music videos are protected by DRM. That means this is not an easy work for you. But don't worry, TuneFab Apple Music Converter can help you walk through the barrier.