Smart blocks/rotations issues
  • Hi Guys,

    So i’ve been trying to implement something for a few days but i just can’t find a way to do what i want to do.

    What i want to do is have a show every week day that is 8 hours long that automatically plays the most recently uploaded 4 media items over an hour long using smart blocks or rotations or a mixture of both. I also want the items to play from oldest to newest. The 4 media items would have been uploaded in the last 24hours and also be the only items with a 0 play count so these could be useful as a criteria. Is this possible?

    At the moment i have used a dynamic smart block to play tracks longer than 1 hour, sorted from oldest to newest, but i can’t get it to play the most recent uploads/items with 0 play count. 

    Is there some way of using a rotation and smart block combined without the rest of the rotations features being greyed out?

    Any help would be massively appreciated.

    Post edited by George Bask at 2017-01-30 11:48:59