• I have a file that I want to add to the file.

    What you need to do to update Superdesk after implementing an Html-level modification
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  • Please share more details (e.g. what file? are you talking about a source code file or a content file? what exactly do you want to achieve?), otherwise it is hard for us to provide some help. Thanks.
  • Well, I apologize for the lack of details ..
    I need to make some changes to the source code
    To adapt Superdesk to our processes here in the
    Work .. so I ask.
    How do I get my changes rolling
    In production. I need more details on how to build
    Development and production environment.

    I take the opportunity to lose again
    Help with config configuration with objtivo
    Communication via SMTP ..

    Please AMIGOS, who already has the services
    Of Receiving and Sending Emails, PLEASE
    TELL ME HOW YOU GOT IT ... show me the settings
    Of the "envfile" file, and which email server you are using
    With their respective settings

    Please help me ...

    Thanks in advance ...