Blocking to create news users in Superdesk
  • Guys, whats happened? You are blocking to create new users in the admin users interface at Superdesk.
    I can´t create new users... this is a very basic task to start testing the system in a real environment.

    Are you thinking in transform the Superdesk in a commercial product?

    Please help us.
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    Hey, how you installed the Superdesk?

    When you create users in UI then you need a working SMTP server to receive emails with confirmations

    - this scripts are installing SMTP( server too this is brand new without SMTP installing, so you need to install SMTP server manually and modify MAIL_* vars in /opt/superdesk/envfile then "supervisorctl restart all"

    another option you can create user from command line:

    cd /opt/superdesk/server
    source /opt/superdesk/env/bin/activate
    python users:create -u admin -p admin -e '' --admin

  • ok, we will try. Many people is facing the same problem.
  • Grisha, attached my env file file, could you please tell me what is wrong with it, that I can not start SMTP nor create the users?
  • Hi Pedro,

    This is clearly a configuration issue. You need a working SMTP server so that Superdesk can send emails out. The mail server is required to send email notifications to users in different scenarios: a new user account has been created, a new story has been published, someone has mentioned you in a comment, etc.

    From the file you have shared, I can see the mail server is not configured properly.


    MAIL_SERVER should contain the url to your mail server, not a regular email address. If you are planning to use Gmail, then it should be:


    your MAIL_USERNAME would be ''

    If you have any issues getting your mail server config right with Gmail, you may want to check out

    If you are running Superdesk on a Linux server, then it may be better to configure a local SMTP (assuming this is only for testing purposes)

    Let us know if that helps!


  • Holmam
    Thank you for your response, much contributed to solving our problems ...

    I would like to ask you one more tip, as follows:
    I'm publishing a "File" type article, but Superdesk is writing the output of the file in the "_ERROR" folder instead of writing to the "_PROCESSED" folder, how do I solve it?

    Thank you in advance.
  • Holmam

    One more question about creating the users I ask for help.

    Superdesk is installed on a Linux Server Ubuntu 16.04
    With a web server = nginx
    Mail server = postfix

    Could you give us a hint of what the envfile file configuration would look like for this scenario.

    Thanks in advance ...
  • It depends on how you've configured postfix. You could look for your and files, or use postconf, but I think your MAIL_SERVER should be `localhost` and MAIL_PORT 25, unless Ubuntu defaults to something different.
  • I already have the emial server configured correctly, I already did some testing using squirrelmail and it worked normally ...

    So, I ask, what should I do in Superdesk (interface) to test the mail server ...

    Is it possible to resubmit a user creation request?
    Is there any other process that requires email server services, so we can test sending and receiving?
  • Hi Pedro,

    The key is to have set the correct values for the env variables MAIL_SERVER, MAIL_PORT. If those values correspond to your mail server configuration, then Superdesk should be able to send notifications.

    You can test it by either creating a new user, or resetting the password of an existing one. You can reset the password for an existing user by opening the user profile via the Users Management view. In the profile you will see a link "reset password". If you click on it, Superdesk will send an email notification to the corresponding user containing a link where the user can set the password.

  • Thank you my friend, I'll follow you right now.

    I take the opportunity to stir up a doubt.
    When I publish an article in "file" format, superdesk is writing the article in the "_erro" folder and not in the "_PROCESSED" folder, how do I rev it?
  • Hi Pedro,

    Superdesk makes use of _PROCESSED/ and _ERROR/ for the file feed in the Ingest, only. This is not related to publishing. So, I suppose the problem is that Superdesk is not ingesting those files successfully.

    Does it happen with all files for the same feed or does this happen only with some of them?
    What's the format of those files? Please attach one of those files.

  • Holam
    Here is the file for your analysis as requested .. my doubt is, because this file is written to the _ERRO folder when I click the PUBLIHS button ..what is wrong.
  • Hi Pedro,

    What are your current settings for:



    There is nothing else to do besides what you can read in the previous messages. The key is to get Superdesk using the mail server through those env variables and that's it.
  • Thanks for your attention...
    I need it even if possible it was an example of some envfile that is already working .. can be any mail server ... just so you can do the same here .. (changing only the user data and password)

    I need a working envfile to serve as an example for me to configure my
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    Here are settings from out test servers:

    root@sd-master:~# cat /opt/superdesk/envfile | grep MAIL

    it uses exim4 mail server from our infrastructure, example of configuration could be found here, but I think it should work with Postfix without problems...

    Please remember, when you update /opt/superdesk/envfile you need restart supervisorctl
    $ supervisorctl  restart all