Publish to social, web and print channels
  • Hi,
    I need to solve this scenario:

    1. Package text, photo and video
    2. Send this package from Superdesk directly to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Drupal, Wordpress, Youtube and print channels

    Need I to create one text for each channel?
    Need I to create a photo version for web and another version for print? How can I do it automatically in Superdesk?
    Need I to create a package for each channel? Or can I create a unique package and send it to all channels?
    How can I send a package from Superdesk to this channels? I need to click on a button and the package is published on Facebook or schedule the publishing to the channels

    Any help on how can I config this scenario in Superdesk?


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  • Hi Paulo,

    Currently, the different types of delivery channels supported in Superdesk are FTP, Email, ODBC, File and via the Superdesk Content Delivery API. Unfortunately, we do not have support yet for publishing to social platforms. Publishing to social is something we will definitely work on at some point in the near future, up until now there had been other things in our roadmap with higher priority.

    As for publishing to Wordpress, we will launch pretty soon the first version of a Wordpress plug-in that receives news content from Superdesk and transform them into Wordpress articles. This way, you would be able to have one ore multiple Wordpress-powered sites and feed them with a single Superdesk instance.

    If you are interested on helping us develop integrations with social platforms, please let us know to coordinate efforts.

    Whether you need only one or multiple packages, or different text items, to publish to all those output channels, depends highly on your editorial policies. Do you want to publish exactly the same story regardless the platform? that would be the first question to answer, then it is easy to define the strategy in within Superdesk. It will also depend on the business logic defined for the integration with each of the social platforms.


  • Thanks your answer, Holman

    1. And about the Web Publisher project ? What does it? It is not for publishing to social and web channels?
    2. I want to publish one different text to each social platform in a easy way. Need I to create one package for each social platform or can I create a unique package with all texts inside?
  • 2. Both are valid options. You can include all text items within a single package, or define separate packages. But again, at the moment there is no way to publish those packages to social platforms.

    1. The Web Publisher project in its first version will render Superdesk content. In the near future it will include a very good set of features to manage those web channels. Social media is something that will be handled on the distribution side of Superdesk.

    You can ask more about the Web Publisher here
  • So, for now the only option I have is to develop the own publish script to read from Superdesk via Content API or via some Superdesk delivery channel (ftp, file, e-mail for example) and publish to social channels.
  • Friend

    We need the following information:

    A) How is the progress of the improvements on the topic
    "Photo Metadata and Media Topics"

    B) I need more details to build a
    DEVELOPMENT environment, as I have made a
    Directly in the Phyton code, but when I call the
    Superdesk does not even show the made events.

    Please, could you help us?
  • A) I guess you mean support for IPTC's Photo Metadata and Media Topics, right? We haven't started working on those yet. For now in Superdesk there is support for IPTC's Subject Codes though. The work on Photo Metadata and Media Topics have been pushed a bit down into the project backlog due to priorities. How important is that for you?

    B) I didn't understand your question, please provide more details, but please do it opening a new thread as the question is not relevant to this one. Thank you.