bulk import photos
  • Hi, we are starting working with Superdesk to implement it in a newspaper from Brazil

    1. I'm trying to import some photos from a superdesk server folder. 
    How can I setup this kind of ingest?

    Feeding service = File Feed
    Feed Parser = News ML-G2 Parser
    Article types = Photo
    Server folder = /testimport

    This setup is not working

    2. Can I import photos from another server in the same network?

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  • Hi Paulo,

    1. Are your photos described in NewsML-G2 documents? If they are, then the definition of your feed should work fine as long as the file path /testimport is correct.

    2. Can that server output the photos as a feed? (e.g. make the photos available via REST, or RSS, or any other of the formats supported by Superdesk)

    The easiest way would be to setup an FTP server, get your photo server to upload to FTP and get Superdesk to read from it via a FTP feeding service.

    One important thing, you cannot import photos into Superdesk without metadata, that's why a feed is required. Usually the feed is the binary files (i.e. photos) plus text files in either NewsML-G2, NewsML 1, RSS, NITF, etc. containing the metadata for each individual photo. Superdesk reads the text file first, the text file contains the information where the binary file is, and then the ingestion into Superdesk happens.

    Hope this helps!


  • Hi Holman,
    1. My photos are not described in NewsML-G2. They are only binary files in a server I need to import in Superdesk. So I have not a metadata text file associated with the binary photo. I would like to know how I can setup the ingest to import in this scenario
    2. I have an archive with about 400.000 photos to import. This photo are on a server in the same network, I can´t put it in a FTP server for now. If i put the photos in a FTP server can they be imported without a metadata associated file?
    3. If I can´t import photos without a metadata file associated, Need I to use an extract metatada tool to create the associated files and import to Superdesk from a folder?