• I am using Superdesck, but my journal has a Printed Edition and for this I need to integrate Suprdesck with a Diagramming software ... could you give me some help with this, can be any Diagramm tool, plugin, any help is .. Please
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  • Hi Pedro,

    What kind of diagramming tool are you looking for and what exactly would the integration be about? Please provide more details so that we understand better your needs and then the help will come your way... :-)


  • Here in our newspaper we are using the Indesign Diagram tool. I would like to know if it is possible to integrate Superdesk with this tool, other than which Diagram tool for Printed newspaper does Superdesk have a link to?

    Thanks in advance for your attention and help.
  • There is not yet integration with InDesign or any other similar software tool in Superdesk. This is in our roadmap for 2017 though. We are looking for partners interested in contributing to the development effort required to get Superdesk talking with such print systems.