How to fix when a new show begins, the current song playing gets cut
  • Hello.

    I'm currently looking for some kind of hack to make it so the beginning of a new show waits for the current song to finish to switch to the new show instead of brutally cutting it.

    Currently if you have two shows, one at 19:00 and one at 20:00, the one at 19:00 has obviously a length a little greter than 1 hour because you can't exactly end at 20:00 precisely, so a song often plays at like 19:58 and is cut off at 20:00 at the start of the new show.

    What I'd like is for Airtime to wait until the music ends before switching to the new show. Is there a way to do that ? 

    Thanks in advance.
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  • why not just extends your shows by  one minute or few.Aitrime is time specific and require some planning,for what i tested the onlly change is allowing you to extend the show.
    Pay attention to the overflows in your calendar and make the necessary adjustments to the show.

    In Big and serious station there is an intro and outro of 5 minutes so you have to end your show 5 minutes before then and for start  the first five minutes of any show is just introducing the show with a promo and ads

    go luck happy planning
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