Unable to login (new demo setup Ubuntu & Docker)
  • I am a newbie to Superdesk. I have followed the installation document and I am able to start Superdesk. I get to the login screen ( but I am not able to login. I have run the scrtip to create the user (./scripts/docker-local-create-user.sh)

    I am still not able to login. Can anyone help?

    I have tried the complete setup on two separate system. One bran dnew Ubuntu in Azure. And one local PC with Ubuntu. Same issue on both and I tried by best to follow the installation instructuons.

    I'd appreciate any help!

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    Hi Joakim,

    Have you tried https://github.com/naspeh-sf/deploy#fresh-ubuntu-1604? It's brand new one line installation, it still needed a proper documentation, but you could read the scripts. It should work well on Asure with fresh Ubuntu 16.04.
  • I tried this just a few days ago - fresh Ubuntu 16.04 install as mentioned. However, it all blows up in smoke because the Elasticsearch stuff adds stuff to the sources.list file, and that isn't up to current security standards... which causes apt-get update, etc. to fail with errors.

    I got this whole Superdesk setup to install no problem on a local VM running on Virtual Box. But I need this running in Azure, and that's where it's blowing up still.