[campsite-support] new features and stories
  • hi campsiteers,

    (this is about you suggesting features, so read on)

    we had a very intensive, efficient summercamp in prague. new faces, new
    countries, new projects. what does that mean: new ideas, new feature
    requests and a new horizon - by the name of Campsite 3.0

    campware is also collaborating with the parsons school of design NYC for
    another project (livesupport - see campware.org) and we took this
    connection as a starting point to redesign the campware software suite (if
    you could call it that Wink

    there will be a first step, shuffling around the admin interface as it is -
    and giving it a new look and feel.

    and then (this is where you come in) we will think of extending campsite
    for version 3.0 not only in terms of features, but also use the parsons
    expertise to think more in terms of user guidance than just new features.

    so i would like all of you on the list who have use scenarios they could
    write up, releated to features on your wishlist and/or bugs or problems, to
    write them down and send them to me. i will collect them and they will
    shape the workflow of campsite 3.0

    giving you an example:

    currently, if you write an article in campsite you have to say which
    publication, issue, section - and then the article gets placed in there.
    changing this, you might want to write to me:

    "a journalist, writing a new article, logs in, clicks on 'write article',
    selects the article-type and starts writing the article. s/he is not
    finished, saves it and goes home. once the article is finished, s/he can
    place it in the publication where it should go or tells the editor in chief
    to do so."

    another example:

    "when installing campsite, the admin is asked to use this for an issue
    based publication. s/he clicks 'no' because it will be used for a website
    presenting an organisation, such as campware.org. issues will not be a
    feature in this instance of campsite."

    as you can see: besides suggesting new features (in the first scenario: a
    personal space for work in progress in the second: no issue based use)
    these scenarios also help to design the workflow inside the system. like a
    time based design (did i just say that?).

    so, please, write to me.


    Micz Flor - micz@mi.cz

    content and media development http://mi.cz
    http://www.campware.org -- http://crash.mi.cz -- http://sue.mi.cz
    "I really don't see your problem." (Akos Maroy)

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