Updating SD using AWS Ubuntu
  • Good afternoon,

    What is the best method to update Superdesk pre-release to RC1 in Ubuntu? 

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  • hello,

    it should be enough to update client and server core,

    edit server/requirements.txt and change superdesk-core version to 1.4.1 (superdesk-core==1.4.1) and
    run pip install -U -r requirements.txt

    edit client/package.json and set version to 1.4.0 ("superdesk-core": "1.4.0") and run npm update.


  • Thank you for the prompt reply. In my server I can only see the tmp directory, but Superdesk is running perfectly. Any ideas? And, I don't know where to find the requirements.txt file.

  • it should be in /opt/superdesk folder