how keywods should be seperated inside an article
  • should i use comma ?
    I am trying to list articles that has a specific keyword using  constraints="keyword 'string'"
    but only the first keyword is working, if i filter using a keyword that is not the first inside an article,  i don't get any result

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  • Hi Maria, you can use a comma (Newscoop will replacve it with a dash/minus-sign if you are including keywords in final article URLs).

    You will probably find using Topics is better than keywords, however, as Newscoop's handling of keywords is poorly thought out since it separates "key phrases" into separate words with dashes in-between each which is useless for SEO).

    There is more information on using and executing queries involving topics in the Cookbook, at:

    (Generally, you will also find asking questions on these support pages to be a waste of time, and that the Cookbook answers most things that haven't been asked already in the forums - I asked a simple question over a month ago which nobody can be bothered to answer!)