Web interface Javascript issues / Unable to add shows
  • Hello there.

    I've tried to install Airtime. Failed many times due to the easy install options being just unusable, and went to manual install instead.

    I got it working, I think : put it on a web server, made a postgres database, completed initial setup, made media-monitor work and import MP3 files, it says it can connect to my icecast server, playout seems to be working, only liquidsoap fails to start because it has nothing to play, but that's not my actual problem.

    My main problem is that I was never able to login unless I disabled javascript in my browser, for some unknown reason. 
    Then, once logged (and JS re-enabled) a lot of pages wouldn't show entirely, mostly due to other javascript errors I fixed myself, like references to fields not being there anymore, etc.

    Wether I use chrome or firefox, it doesn't seem to work right. 

    But now, I've hit a wall : there's something wrong when trying to add shows. I fill out the form, click on add this show, and the form just grays out, the circle turns and turns and turns, and nothing happens. My show isn't added, and I can't seem to find out what's wrong.

    Anyone else ran into javascript problems with airtime? 
    Does anyone have a solution? :/
    Thanks in advance.