Getting 500 err or blank screen after legacy plugin installation.
  • It all started when I was trying to install RockStar theme and was always seeing blank screen on front page.
    Than I found this solution:
    Some themes might use the legacy plugins ( so you would need to install and enable them. To install them, just download the zip of the repository and copy the debate, poll, recaptcha and soundcloud directories to the folder /plugins/ . Then in the backend go the the plugins management, then go to Legacy plugins manager (right top), enable all plugins and hit save.

    Got this in Apache err_log: PHP Fatal error: Class 'MetaDebate' not found in /var/www/newscoop/plugins/debate/ on line 123
    If i disable Debate plugin I see this: PHP Fatal error:  Class 'MetaPoll' not found in /var/www/newscoop/plugins/poll/ on line 106