Problems upgrading from automated install to manual install

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    Sorry for yet another support post here, but I've been struggling
    with upgrading to booktype 2.1.0. I originally used the automated install for version 2.0 and have been using that successfully.

    To upgrade, I
    downloaded the 2.1.0 tar file, extracted it and followed the manual
    install and upgrade instructions for Linux but have found that my
    version hasn't changed over. Has anyone changed over from an
    automated install to a manual one? If so was this the right way to do it? And is there
    anything that I've missed?

    All help welcome :-)



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    Hi Sharan,

    The automated install differs from the documented tarball install in some aspects, for example the use of a virtualenv for the Python libraries. Until the 2.1 automatic update is available, I'd suggest making a clean install of 2.1 from git.


  • Hi Daniel

    Thanks very much for the response. I'll do as you suggest and try a clean install from git.