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  • in 2007 ,I searched for an operating system that could replace Windows.I could no longer play the game of buying a new computer every year or used an operating system so flawed ,it could be rendered useless.
    After 10 years as a systems engineer/manger of 6 branches with 284 nodes.I ditched windows.
    Today I find Airtime no lesser in my thought.
    The are many who wish me gone and equally many who still solicit my support.
    I used Linuxmce and up to today although its on an outdated version of linux its still kicking a storm.

    I have always used RIVENDELL and today I still find it robust as ever.
    My airtime runs exclusively on the Autodj I have touted in many areas ,with minimal use of airtime interface.
    I recently use liquidsoap with rivendell and found the Airtime inteface trivial

    After finding Campcaster wanting and the reason I move to the alternative found that Rivendell mailing list are more supportive.

    Airtime to me has move from the core of what makes Linux so great today,We share and make it free.
    The big move and big decision makers have reign again.
    They Claim you must Follow the LAW AND RULE.
    Their Laws and Rule that they create and you ,must abide by it.
    You Must Pay for it and pay all you have,if you want to participate

    I am a free man, I adopt to Laws not be imprisoned by it .
    Unchain the Chains

    Thanks my crew at MIT ,we never played by the rules,we are RULE Breakers defining the undefine

    If a question is asked of me I would refer its post in any forum ,I may troll.

    Good luck friends and enemies
    May the Force preserves you All
    Peace and Prosperity 
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    Anyone reading this a find it funny about my grammar , I make no apology ,Go get a translator.
    "The Problem with education today is that it takes a university degree to switch on a light bulb"
    "You learn from your mistakes but wise people learn from others mistakes avoid Making mistakes there is not sufficient rooms to make them"
    "Innuendo","If's","Assumptions" and "Fear" are for politician.Who,What,where,When and How are for those seeking knowledge and care about Humanity.
    "I might be in Mud but that does not Make me a Wild Hog(pig)"
    “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”
    "The only thing that remains constant is change itself"
    May the force be with you,until our path or destiny bring us in tandem.
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  • Shine on you crazy diamond  :-\"