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  • So the Xiph stream directory doesn't recognize Opus or Vorbis streams. Anyone know what's up? Opus streams come up as an "unknown" codec. Brute forcing the mime type doesn't seem to matter. This is probably more of a bug in liquidsoap than anything right?
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  • put something  in there forum here http://icecast.imux.net/

    curious of the answer I see metadata here
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  • Hey! Maybe you're confused? This isn't the "unknown" metadata booger at streaming players like VLC. That's a separate issue. Their YP bot is misidentifying Opus and Ogg streams. Noticed Vorbis comes up as appilcation/ogg mime type in Icecast rather than audio/ogg. Tried forcing it to various stuff to no avail.

    In the directory, along the right side of the listed radios, there's a little group that titled "Tune in:" with M3U and XSPF links. Then there's a detected audio codec listed on the third row. That's where it's saying "unknown". Something isn't properly describing the stream to the YP or the stream packets aren't organized quite right and the bot is trained to verify codecs somehow. We shall soon see!

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