Random logout from admin in newscoop 4.2.3
  • I'm experiencing strange behaviour on  my installation  - when user logs in into the admin,  sometimes randomly he wil get back to login screen.  Session lifetime is set to maximum value 999, in php.ini it's set to a whole day  - 86400 secs.  I don't have any ideas why this is happening,  any thoughs? 

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    Session lifetime is set to maximum value 999
    it should be 0 instead

  • Hey Andrew, thanks for the fast reply - but actually I've figured out the bug itself. 
    I login to admin and then go to frontend and click on some of the sections - when I click some section which I did not click before login - I get logged out of the admin. 
    I login again, now previous section click does not log me out,  but next section which I did not click again logs me out of the admin. 

    Crazy ha? :)