Rancher with DigitalOcean and Superdesk
  • Hi,

    I'm excited about superdesk and all of the possibilities.  I've run into some problems getting the beta package installed.  I'm using Docker though rancher which is a interface to administer  docker containers on digital ocean.

    I've followed the instructions and find i am missing something somewhere. I'm looking to get the beta up and running to start determine whether or not superdesk can be used with some initiatives i am involved with.

    Can someone help with directions, instructions or guides on how to get the software installed.  The documentation which has been produced is not clear enough to help me get it up and running.

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  • Hi!
    There is a manual on how to use docker-compose on digital ocean:

    Just use the same docker-compose config as for local installation (./docker/docker-compose-prebuilt.conf from superdesk repo) instead of example docker-compose config in the article.
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  • Yauhen,

    Thanks for the link. I've been able to get the system up and running. The problem i'm running into is the services stop and access to the system has to be restarted. Where do i find information to keep the system up and running for a longer period of time ?

  • hi, is there anything in logs when it stops?
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    if you are not so familiar with docker environment I recommend installation based on simple script: https://github.com/superdesk/install-scripts
    The script installs automatically all necessary services and superdesk instance and supports host rebooting by default