4.4.3 to 4.4.7 upgrade question
  • Hello,

    I have a backup-newscoop-*.tar.gz file from a 4.4.3 installation. I did a fresh install of the latest (4.4.7) version of the Newscoop CMS. I successfully imported the backup file to the fresh installed Newscoop using newscoop-restore script:

    ./newscoop-restore -b /var/www/newscoop/backup/backup-newscoop-2016-05-11-11-14-01.tar.gz -t news

    Newscoop Restore Utility
    * Initializing...
    * Temp directory: /var/www/newscoop/backup/backup-newscoop-2016-05-11-11-14-01
    * Initialization done.
    * Extracting files into temp directory...done.
    * Backup database name is 'agregator'.
    * Destination database name (to be replaced) is 'news'.

    All files in the following directories will be deleted.
    (The backup files will be copied to these locations)
    Are you sure you want to continue? (y/N) y
    * Removing files in /var/www/newscoop/themes...done.
    * Removing files in /var/www/newscoop/images...done.
    * Removing files in /var/www/newscoop/public/files...done.
    * Removing files in /var/www/newscoop/cache...done.
    * Removing files in /var/www/newscoop/public/pdf...done.
    * Removing files in /var/www/newscoop/public/videos...done.
    * Recreating cache...done.
    * Restoring themes...done.
    * Restoring images...done.
    * Restoring videos...done.
    * Restoring file attachments...done.
    * Restoring PDFs...done.
    * Restoring the database news...done.
    * Upgrading the database (if necessary)...
    * Upgrading the database from version 4.4.x, roll 2015.10.29...done.
    * Upgrading templates...done.
    * Updating plugins (if necessary)... done.
    * Cleaning up...done.

    Note: If you are doing a site-to-site transfer you may have to fix the
    aliases in your publications before the frontend will work. An alias
    is the base URL for your publication. To change an alias, login to the
    administration interface and go to the publication configure screen.

    You must restart the apache server for the changes to take effect!

    I restarted the Apache and the PHP-FPM services. But when i login to the CMS backend, there is only one (created during fresh install) publication. I cannot see publications (neither issues or articles) or media files from the backup archive, although i checked images directory, for instance, and there are files from the backup archive.

    What other info do you need so you could give me an advise, how to solve this issue?
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