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  • Hello.

    I run successfully the superdesk demo script on my ubuntu server, all docker containers are running, i made a curl request on the server to http://localhost:8080 and it does return the login page. Now i want to access from external ip, according to the superdesk container its mapping 8080->80 so i can access by the ip using the port 80. When i open the server ip from the browser there's nothing.

    What i need to do to allow access from my server ip. I already have port 80 open, i test it with a nginx container and it works, just in case.

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  • hi!
    change 8080 to 80 and `localhost` to your real hostname or ip in `./docker/docker-compose-prebuilt.yml`
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  • I just open 8080 port and it work. But i didn't modify any line of code in superdesk project.
    Now i replace all in common.yml to the server ip, delete all containers just in case and re run the script. But i got this:


    Keeps pointing to localhost:8080
    Any other place where i need to add/change the ip address to override this?

  • In both my message and readme on github it's mentioned what docker-compose-prebuilt.yml should be edited for that. Not common.yml (it's overriden by it).
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  • Sorry for the trouble. I installed superdesk a couple of days back on a mac(hard time) and i didn't see that compose-prebuild was modified, i'm seeing the old code on my computer.

    Is working now, good work on superdesk.

    One last question apart. 
    With superdesk i can publish news to different CMS or maybe create multiple rss? or is a work in progress?
    That is my main goal at the end so i dont know if this version have something done already or i need to develop those modules.
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  • Hi Antonio,

    It is not possible with the current beta1 version. What you can do is to make all the published content available via the Superdesk Content API, which is a RESTful API that outputs the news content in ninjs (news in json - format. With that, you could write a plug-in on whichever CMS you are using to publish the content. You can also send a story on publishing via HTTP push to a registered receiver URL.

    Superdesk also allows you to define other different kind of outputs. You can for example, send a file in RSS format to a FTP server whenever a news story is published.

    Publishing to different CMSs is something on our radar and a way also to contribute to the project.


  • Holmo,

    Please could you tell me how to publish my articles via content-api so that they can be captured by third parties ...

    Could you send me some documentation on how to install and use the content-api