How to edit footer information, and change sender address of system emails
  • I would like to modify the default booktype footer, which now display Booktype company information and email address.  In what file do I make such changes?

    Also, when I test the forgot password functionality on my own installation, I get emails with as the sender.  I want to change this  to reflect my own sender information, but can't figure out where to do it.

    I installed Booktype using the automated install HOWTO, and of course input my own website information during the install wizard.  Should it not then automatically replace all "" addresses with the ones configured by the server admin during installation?
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  • I have edited the and files, but these changes are not reflected in the web installation.  Do I have to manually run some virtual environment procedures as describe in in order to make such changes?
  • Found the footer.html at /var/lib/booktype/lib/booktype/apps/core/templates/core/footer.html

    Now remains how to change the sender address for mails to the users

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    Hi Graabein,

    To find any specific string of text in your installation, you can use the grep command with the -r recursive flag, on the directory of either the sources or the instance-specific files, like this:

    grep -r "Powered by Booktype" /var/lib/booktype/

    I would suggest you keep backups of any files you modify, as they may be overwritten on upgrade.

    If you have changed DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL in /var/www/booktype/instance1/instance1_site/settings/ and nothing changed in the email output, refresh the Booktype web interface in your browser, then check the date stamp on the compiled .pyc version of this file:

    ls -l /var/www/booktype/instance1/instance1_site/settings/base.pyc

    It should be today's date and the same time (or slightly later) than when you saved the change to the file.



  • Thank you very much Daniel.

    The reason I did not think my editing of had worked, was the fact that it took 10 minutes for the base.pyc to change.  My initial testing after editing (which led me to conclude the editing did not work) happened just seconds after I edited  Of course I should have revisited this once more before asking for help :-)

    Thanks again :-)

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    You're welcome :-) Refreshing the admin interface in the browser is just a hack I use for forcing the regeneration of the .pyc files. It's safer than deleting a .pyc file manually.

    For the same reason, I will clear my browser cache after making a change to anything visible such as HTML templates, CSS files or JavaScript. It may not make a difference, but at least it rules out the possibility that a local cache is confusing the issue.