can't configure publication
  • Hello!

    I am newbie to newscoop

    I have made new publication inside admin panel 'abc' and if I want to configure, backend gives me to configure it. But once I have created issue and sections under that publication I can't configure publication. It shows me blank screen.

    What I needed was, I made publication in en language and I wanted to change it into Nepali language. Is their any method to do it ? and If I can go to configure menu ? Also my System preference menu also not opening. From here too, I get blank screen.

    Your help is much appreciated


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  • Same here. Publication without section is ok, but with section, it's a blank page, with 4.4.7 version. :(

    But, as you can see, support here SUCKS! Once Newscoop was the best CMS for me, but now... :(
  • Please check log dir inside your newscoop root dir and paste the output here. You could also check the apache logs usually at /var/log/apache2/error.log.
  • Same here.  /var/log/apache2/error.log     in attach