Missing ANPA category
  • Hi,

    if i try to edit some plain text, i have to choose ANPA category. Not sure, i tried "a", "m" etc. But it wouldn't saved. There is also no choice and no search as of the subject. Here i can choose from given arguments.

    Without ANPA i can't publish.

    Btw. Is there a way to publish a RSS- oder plain text into FTP-Folder? Some of our sites uses Wordpress and that will be a chance to import. WP NewsML-Importer would not work.

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  • hi,

    there is a known issue with anpa - you have to first go to your profile (via top right corner) and in preferences you have to pick some anpa categories which you want to use. then reload the page and you should see categories in dropdown.

    regarding rss into ftp I'm not sure, but there might be rss output later on.