LiveBlog 3.0 Demo configuration issue
  • Hi,

    i am a consultant working for a television movie production in Switzerland. The main actor is working for a newspaper and in one scene she is using a live blogging system. We would love to use your system instead of building a fake one but are struggling with the installation of the demo.

    Our current demo was installed on a Ubuntu 15.10 running at digitalocean. In docker/common.yml we changed the SUPERDESK ENV variables to point to the actual IP of the host instead of so we could login from anywhere on the net. Also the script has been run. So far it is working as excpected. But now how are we supposed to render the blog entries using the template? After some digging I guessed that the publicUrl is not being set for some reason. I opened an already opened an issue on Github for this ( ) I guess this somehow is more of a configuration issue on our side than a bug but without any real installation documentation it is hard to know what we are missing.

    One solution would be to use one of your demo installation I guess. But we would rather not depend on a internet connection and install it on a local server.

    Thank you very much in advance for your help

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  • i've replied you on github, let's continue our conversation there.
    Innovations developer, Sourcefabric
  • Hi Ben
    This will live blog up and running in demo mode within a docker container on a local PC
    The docker file and shell script need to be in same directory when building using docker then build with docker build -i -t . /bin/bash

    The shell script automatically edits the file with the containers IP address.
    You can see the container and liveblog start. Leave this terminal running.
    Access from local browser via http://conatiner_ip:8080 username admin password a
    Hope this helps
  • Thanks for sharing this Dave!
    But unfortunately it is for Liveblog 2 which is not technically related to Liveblog 3.
    Innovations developer, Sourcefabric
  • Hi Ben,
    I will get in touch with you and we can arrange a trial account for you on our demo server.