Why not iframe in Booktype 2.0?
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    I am able to view iframe embedded content while editing a Booktype book.  I can save a chapter...iframe content still there...but as soon as I leave and come back to the same chapter or try to reload the book in the browser, the iframe content are no longer there, even if I saved before reloading.

    Is it on purpose that we are not able to put iframe embedded content into books?  I can understand that you cant have embedded videos and other stuff in a printed paper version of a book, but online electronic versions there should be no problem viewing an embedded video or other embedded information, example like this:
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    Hi, Booktype does not explicitly support content loaded from third party sites, because we don't know if an e-reader device is online or not when it is viewing the content (an EPUB, for example). There is also the issue that a third-party site may take content down, leaving a gap in your book.

    So in general we would suggest that any multimedia content is copied into the book itself. Then we would need the editor to recognise the file format as valid content. However we would still need a fallback for exporting books to EPUB or PDF, for example a screenshot in place of a video.

    What specific kinds of content do you want to embed in the book? Are you using iframes because of dynamic content on the third-party site?
  • Thanks Daniel.  I would like to embed videos, and also content like dynamic updated timelines like this
    or if the above does not show, like this
    <iframe src="//cdn.knightlab.com/libs/timeline3/latest/embed/index.html?source=1jIzHUtt_os9m0kJraQj8CZWewwmqEV2DI0QzSu08M14&amp;font=Default&amp;lang=no&amp;timenav_position=top&amp;hash_bookmark=true&amp;initial_zoom=4&amp;height=650" width="100%" height="650" frameborder="0"></iframe>

    It should be possible to view this when reading the Booktype book online, and have this substituted with a direct url in an offline ebook
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  • Hi,

    it would be possible to have this kind of plugin where you can embed video which is hosted somewhere else. For instance, include iframe code for youtube or some other side. It would require correct plugin for the Aloha editor, extensions for the EPUB/PDF/... producers to create required link and extension for the web view to include the video. I did not test, but maybe iframe with HTML5 video could work inside of epub reader also (at least iPad). The only issue is, it is not the biggest priority at the moment to be honest. 

    Embedding video inside of EPUB would be something else.

  • Thank you Aleksandar, this sounds interesting.  How (where) do I find information how to install such plugins?