Import says successful but not theme
  • I am using version 4.4.6 
    My problem is when I import any theme it says successful but no theme actually appears. For example I downloaded the Liquid and Anchorage Theme. When I select Configure > Themes > Import,  I select the zip file it says successful import.  I refresh the page and nothing appears.  I logout then back in and again nothing appears.
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  • This is a bit inconvenient, i agree, but if you download a zip file with a theme from github, you cannot use that zip to upload into Newscoop. How should you proceed:

    1. Download the theme, e.g.
    2. Then extract the zip file
    3. Go into the directory theme-Liquid-master
    4. Select all contents of the folder and create a new zip, e.g.
    5. Open up your theme management in Newscoop
    6. Upload the