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  • I  have asked this before. So has many others. But I hope I can get more clarity. I have a talk radio station. I add recorded shows daily (we also have a LIVE switchboard that plays Iive shows thro airtime player.
    When the live show is complete I add the recording to airtime. So lets say this is 'The Bob Show' Bobs show is scheduled to play repeats every day at 9am.
    I made a dynamic smart block with title criteria 'the bob show', place it in a playlist called 'Bobs Show' and add that as a linked show to play every Monday at 9am. But Every week I add a new recording to the library. YET bobs show in the schedule is not updated. It only plays shows that where present in the library when I first created  it.
    I want the scheduled show to automatically populate from all of bobs shows in the library. How can I do this with out having to recreate his daily shows every week? You see I have 24 different such shows a day. Any tips or hacks are welcomed , thank you in advance.