what do I do to set a smart block criteria to load latest upload mp3?
  • what do I do to set a smart block criteria to load latest upload mp3?
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  • any one? Thanks so much :)
  • Im having a real hard time finding this solution I need desperately, Can anyone help please ? :( I know I can set Uploaded  I just do not know what to put in the next boxes? Thanks a million :)
  • It's impossible  :-B
  • so how does one keep the smart blocks updated?
  • They're only semi-smart...
  • Manually...
  • poop LOL
  • manually add 45 1 hour shows to 45 smart blocks a week? Kinda makes a smart block useless. 
  • It wasn't really designed for one-person operations tbh
  • I have found that you can use the link functionality to link shows across smart blocks. You have to re-load them once in a while because they will eventually repeat the same songs over and over, but it works for a while, and helps deal with the load of programming an entire schedule with a small number of people. However, it has to be the same smart block in each linked block.

    Hope that helps a bit.
  • thanks Dave, what do you mean by reload? you mean delete all content in schedule and reload smart block?

  • Hi,
    I have found that after a few days or weeks (not sure how long) the dynamic smart block that I have put into a linked show is actually repeating. Yes, to solve the problem, I remove all content from the show, then re-insert the smart block and it will randomize over the foreseeable future. I'm not sure how long, but I check it once per week, and if I see that the content is repeated, I perform the above kludge.

    Hope that helps.
  • that is a lot of work, if you have 1 smart block per hour? I wish to find another solution. Thanks Dave :)
  • Hi,
    I may have a solution.  Use the YEAR field but instead of just the year, put the date when the song(s) are uploaded.  Then, create a smart block based on that field.  Never actually tried it, but it should work.

    Hope that helps,
    Dan Uff
  • Hi All,

    Does any one known a solutions to the following. I got a show (show linked to every friday) with a playlist. In this playlist i have songs and a smartblock. In the smartblock i'm  looking for songs with a specific genre that i wanna play. The songs are in a watch folder that i update once a week. But the smart block isn't updated.
  • Nothing is "impossible" ... the same way you can tell it not to play a file that was played in the last xx hours (that was impossible also..) you can do the same to just check the uploaded field in a dynamic block to say "uploaded < now-xx hours" and so the correct files will be scheduled when you fill a show
    BUT to do this a lot of code is needed. If you can manage this then you can check the solution in "Airtime Hacks" for repeating items and change it to suit your needs.. if you cant manage it then ... let it be :)

    PS in either case the repeating shows must be empty and you should create the shows (simply by adding the whole block with the custom criteria) every day or every week etc... i think no solution can work with linked shows.
  • Yes linked shows are static. This is pretty much the case even when using Dynamic smart playlists. In 2.5.2 there is an option to have the Smart Playlist sorted by "newest" which translates to most recently uploaded.

    I had planned on coding a work around that would automatically schedule the creation of a smart playlist at a period before a show is set to air but I've been uncertain as to where to start programming since a number of improvements were made to what is currently the SAAS aka pro version. I don't think anyone knows when this code will be backported and released as an official airtime version.

    So my current plan is to work on the smart playlist functionality to ensure that it is as robust and maybe see if there are lingering bugs that I can help squash as everything would break in my proposed solution if the smart playlists failed to behave as expected anyways.