Failing to record
  • Hello,

    I have been running airtime for about a month and the first show i recorded worked fine , since then 2 show have been set to record streamed (with red light on) , the stream ended , but calendar shows file does not exist for the recorded show.

    recorder log for the last show is 

    ...... it's on a virtual machine that i can't copy and paste from .

    in brief...

    21:00 Starting record
    21:00  within half a second finishing record
    21:00 problem recording show
    21:45 parsing record schedule
    21:45 update record schedule
    22:45 process record schedule
    22:45 update record schedule
    23:45 processing recording show schedule
    23:45 updated recorder schedule

    Not sure where to look for more info 

    Any help would be greatly appreciate