[Newscoop 4.4.3] [Plugin] Article fileds and Ingest bundle for Newscoop
  • Hello everyone,

    I have a fresh install of Newscoop v4.4.3 on a digitalocean server. I installed `Ingest bundle for Newscoop` Plugin (newscoop/ingest-plugin-bundle) and everithyng is working fine.


    By default, the plugin is generating a new article type (Newswire, with its' own custom fields) and is injecting new content of that type to a category i have created in an issue.

    How can i map plugin's output to an article type of my own, that i have already created?
    How can i modify the plugin, so it inserts content based on my article type custom fields?

    Thank you,
    waiting for a reply.
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  • Here is the reply from the support chat:

    The ingest plugin is based around the NewsML standard, so the article type created in Newscoop and also the ingest database structure are influenced by this.

    now it's not possible to map fields from you ingest source to fields
    from a custom article type. I agree it would e a cool feature, but i don't think this is on our planning in the near future.

    If you are/have a developer you can fork our plugin https://github.com/newscoop/plugin-IngestPluginBundle and make your own modification where required.

    This file https://github.com/newscoop/plugin-IngestPluginBundle/blob/master/Services/PublisherService.php contains the most important mapping from ingest source to newscoop article. It would be a good starting point.