Logging in after installation
  • I installed Superdesk from Git on an Ubuntu 14.04 x64 server install by following the installation details in the README.md file.
    After installation, I ran the demo script, which runs fine apart from the 'Raven not configured' INFO message.
    I ran the create user script which describes a user admin with password admin to be created, and the script returns an 'OK' message, so that ran fine too (I think).
    After that, I'm trying to log into the system through the Superdesk page, but it doesn't do anything: it doesn't report user/pass not correct, but doesn't let me log in either. No message whatsoever.

    Is there any explanation on how to configure the login procedure, which login/pass to use to start configuration, or where to change te details for startup config loading?

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  • Resolved!

    By default the Superdesk dockers only listen on localhost/
    I changed the docker/docker-compose.yml lines mentioning to the actual internal IP of the server installation, and now login with admin/admin works.
    Also, users/pass created with the user creation script in the scripts folder are available.