Superdesk user Guide / Tutorial
  • I have started playing with a demo instance of superdesk and wondered if there is a guide out there.

    I want to understand the concepts, architecture and how to manage and publish content. I also wonder where content can be published to e.g. by default.

    Does such a guide exist?

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  • Hi Matthew,

    The user manual will be available with a first public release. We will start working soon on some user documentation, especially explaining the idea and concepts. Currently we are going through some major changes in the UI, therefore putting some effort in the manual at this stage is not into consideration.

    Stay tuned with our website, the newsletter or right here in the forums, we will sending out updates in this regard, and once documentation is out we will be welcoming any feedback and contribution.

    All Best,

  • Hi, Romero!
    When the expected public release?