Airtime sometimes cuts tracks in half
  • Hi

    i posted this to the programmers as well, but wonder if anyone else has similar issues

    i play mixed sets of approx 1 hour on the radio - but for some reason - sets which have uploaded correctly, suddenly have their play time halved as per the the 2 slim images attached 

    if i preview the file- it is full length, but if i program it into a show, it will only play the reduced length  - as per the larger image

    can anyone help ?



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  • Hi! If you have installed airtime on Ubuntu 14.04, your problem described here:
  • Hi

    thanks for the suggestion but the problem is not with Cue in and cue out - the MP3 length in the library is wrong

    i can confirm it is Ubuntu 14.04 

    this issue does not happen with every set - probably about half of them  - i end up having to re upload  and simply hope it works

    eventually i want to use FTP to transfer files - im not sure if that will solve the problem

    thanks for any adivce

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  • "...but the problem is not with Cue in and cue out - the MP3 length in the library is wrong"

    Yes, I know is sounds unlikely, but, Silan DOES cause that and there is a fix.
    No longer using Airtime or Libretime.
  • Great news  - thank you both for pointing me in the right direction

    i will do as you suggest and see if it works

    Thanks again :)

  • Airtime Tech support replied with this message -  if anyone else has a similar issue  this is what they said

    Hi Dave,

    This problem is almost definitely because of a bug in the "silan" utility that we use. 

    Are you on Ubuntu 12.04 or 14.04?
    This bug was fixed after 14.04 was released and there's an updated package for silan in our APT repo:

    thanks to the forum members and the tech support - i am grateful for your assistance 

  • What's generally considered to be the best way to go about disabling silan altogether?
  • I can confirm that Debian Jessie had the exact same problem. Wish I knew there's a fix by then...
  • And it still does cut tracks in half it seems.
    I'm going to go for the fix mentioned above but...
    Any chance integrating the fix in the core?
  • The real fix is just to remove silan. Honestly it might help on a track or two here and there out of thousands. But it's absolutely far too computationally expensive for the achieved results -- or in this case -- the lack thereof. All it does in its current form is ruin the output of perfectly good content and cause log jams during ingest.