Looking to develop Android App and iOS App for Airtime
  • Dear Members / Developers,

    My friend and I are planning to implement Airtime Radio, and are also looking to develop a Native Android App and iOS App for Airtime. It will be great if any of the senior members can assist us in details and also if there is nothing available already, it will be great if any of the contributors can give us a quote for the customization and the development of Android App and iOS App. 

    Thanks and Regards,
    Mohammed Azmath
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  • Music could be one of the most beautiful things of the whole humanity. So, people are looking for various ways of how to make the process of the search of their favorite compositions much more easier and comfortable.That is why we have such a thing as Pandora. However, lots of developers are thinking about the creation of something similar. So, in that article https://artjoker.net/blog/make-an-app-like-pandora/ you may see an instruction on the creation of a similar application.
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  • would love to use it!
  • Why bother with the app stores? Just make a nice HTML5 UI targeting smaller screens and more limited bandwidth situations. The current UI experience isn't so bad on a tablet! It's only terrible on phones.

    What's sadly missing almost entirely are decent source apps. Those would clearly benefit from being native.
  • Have you thought of using a remote control for linux. I am new to airtime 
    and somewhat familiar with ubuntu so a project like this would be way over my head. Though I would love to learn along the way,which is why I chose linux in the first place. :)
  • I recommend you first of all learn the story of success of such companies like Spotify, Pandora. Take a look at this research - Spotify vs Pandora 
    For example, about main app features:
    Search option. There is no such option in Pandora Radio app, which means that you can’t find a particular song of a particular artist. In Spotify, you can find an artist and listen to his album. In a free version you can listen only shuffle play, yet in premium this option is available.
    Replay a song. And again, in Pandora, you have to rely on the system because you simply can’t replay and listen again your favorite song. Spotify offers the feature in premium account.
    Number of songs. The Spotify has more than 16 millions songs, while Pandora the app only one million. The numbers are growing, yet the the difference is obvious.
    Offline mode. Only Spotify can boast with this feature, not Pandora.
  • As Airtime is a system for streaming predetermined content on a predefined schedule, I do not understand the Spotify/Pandora comments, at all. It seems totally irrelevant to a scheduled streaming service.
    No longer using Airtime or Libretime.
  • FaceTime does what I need and doesn’t require any additional setup. If you just want to video chat to a sole friend and not really do
    anything else, then FaceTime is just fine. Airtime, however, feels like
    what Apple’s service should have been all along. when you are active within the app, you can activate the video chat
    functionality, sharing whatever’s going on around you or simply your